Dangerous Beauties Presents: Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll

Dangerous Beauties Show

Sunday, May 8th, 2016
Elbo Room
647 Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94110
$16 pre-sale $25 at the door

ROCK STAR – the unequivocally brave soothsayers, movers, shakers, and bold givers of no fucks, lead us on an epic and often limitless journey of ourselves – saying the things we can not when words are hard to find, almost an antennae communicating the orders of the gods.

These icons take us on a roller coaster ride of emotion, love, pain, sorrow, protest, release, joy, ecstasy. These awe-inspiring creatures pushed boundaries, broke the glass ceiling, opened doors for others and sacrificed their all, many up until the very very end. They speak each generations’ truth through the power of music. Music, is like water to most of us. We can’t live without it, it moves us, soothes us, calls us to action – provides a landscape to our lives. A song can trigger a memory, evoke an unexplained emotion, inspire bliss, freedom, love, magic.

Join us for a live fast, die young trip down the rocking road of funky freaks, kings, queens and the gender bending dudes and dames who weren’t afraid to do and say it all.